Fix for System.InvalidOperationException: Stack Empty


This blog post is to save you hours digging into how to fix the annoying exception "Stack Empty" when you open your Sitefinity project with Visual Studio 2013.

Full error details:

Stack Empty error


The reason you receive the error is that with Visual Studio 2013 a new feature was introduced: Browser link. This feature allows you to refresh your web application in several browsers at once, which is useful for cross-browser testing.


1.Make sure to uninstall and not only disable the Ecommerce module in Sitefinity (in case you are not using it).

Go to Administration -> Settings -> Modules & Services and uninstall Ecommerce module from the Actions menu.

2.Go to the web.config file of your application and add the following line to stop the "Browser link" feature:

        <add key="vs:EnableBrowserLink" value="false"/>

Browse your application and voila!

Veronica Milcheva

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